03.10 M

8:30am__Bagels & Coffee (Rapson Courtyard)
9:00am__Kickoff (Rapson Courtyard)
9:30am__Introduction & Discussion (Rapson 109)
10:30am__Guest Lecture: Betty Bright (Rapson 109)
12:05pm__Noon Lecture: Maureen Cummins (Rapson 43)
2:00pm__MCBA tour; Printmaking and Press Techniques (MCBA)
3:00pm__Printing and Binding Exercise (MCBA)
5:00pm__Project Proposal Discussion (MCBA)
6:00pm__Evening Lecture: Decker Yeadon (Bell Museum)

03.11 Tu
9:00am__Project Proposal Review (MCBA)
10:30-12:30pm__Demo: Jana Pullman (MCBA)
1:30-5:30pm__Project Mock Ups (MCBA)
6:00pm__Evening Lecture: Michael Schumacher (Rapson 100)

03.12 W
9:00am__Studio Visit: Harriet Bart (Traffic Zone building, 250-3rd Ave North, Studio 308)
11:00am__Mock Ups Review (Rapson 109)
12:00pm__Noon Lecture: Barry Kudrowitz (Rapson 43)
2:00pm__UMN Special Collections Visit with Tim Johnson (Andersen Library, Room 308)
3:30pm__Studio Workshop (Rapson 109, Studios)
6:00pm__Evening Lecture: Randy Ewoldt (Bell Museum)

03.13 Th
9:00am__Workshop and Project Critiques (MCBA)
6:00pm__Evening Lecture: Lucy Dunne (Rapson 100)
7:30pm__MCBA Maureen Cummins Roundtable (MCBA)

03.14 F
9:00am__Final Show Set Up (Rapson Courtyard)
2:00pm__Final Show Exhibition and Presentations (Rapson Courtyard)

03.24 M
5:00pm__Project Documentation Due


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