Gather materials from an architectural project you have previously developed. A fully-developed studio project is recommended. Materials include concept, working and finished models, sketchbook, sketches, working and finished drawings, writings, presentations, other documentation, and working files.

Create your architectural project through book form.  
__Interrogate the “ideas” of your project through the “idea” of book
__Utilize image, drawing, text, form, space, movement
__Integrate concept, material, technique
__Rethink, remake, rewrite
__Communicate, express, translate
__Interact with the body

Display your work in the method best suited for viewing. In addition, provide a one-page summary of the work (title, student name, one image of the work, description of the work).

Fully document your process and final project. Upload all final files to the class Dropbox folder by Monday, March 24, within the file structure shown. Minimum requirements:
__Summary of work according to provided template
__Images that fully document your final project (min. 10 images)
__Images that document the workshop and your process (min. 10 images)
__Scanned images of work done in sketchbook (min. 15 images)
__Working files used to create your project (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino, Word, etc)
__Research, readings, and supplemental files

Note: Save images as 72 ppi jpeg, min. 3600 pixels in one dimension, maximum quality 10 or above


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