THE ARCHITECT’S BOOK: FORMING SPATIAL MEANINGS is a one-week intensive course at the School of Architecture in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, held March 10-14, 2014, as part of the Architecture as Catalyst program.

The primary goal of the Architecture as Catalyst workshop and lecture series is to raise the level of discourse about design and to provoke leaps in perception of what design can be. Each spring, the School of Architecture offers a series of workshop led by faculty and taught in collaboration with guest instructors who are leading practitioners within their disciplines, and who bring an experimental nature to the work. The Catalyst workshops serve as intense, rigorous, transformative and creative breaks, through which students learn new ways of thinking and novel techniques. In conjunction with the workshops, guest instructors offer a free public lecture.

This Catalyst workshop explores book making as a method for expressing architectural ideas which relate image, form, and meaning.


For more information, see the Architecture as Catalyst blog.

For a full schedule of Catalyst 2014 events, see the College of Design Events Calendar.


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