The Architect’s Book is an ongoing exploration of the use of book form in the practice of architects.

The impetus for this project is the awareness that architects continue to use book form primarily for reproduction of work, rather than a form for interrogation as found in the practice of other artistic disciplines, in what is referred to as artists’ books.

Artists’ books developed as a multi-modal art form in the 20th century, a vehicle for integrating multiple disciplines and media into a single work. It emerged along with the manipulation of text as a material, the play of verbal-visual relationships, and questions of meaning.

In the period from the 1960’s to today when artist’s books have fully emerged, the book in the practice of architecture has remained a vehicle for theory, documentation and reproduction. In tracing a history of artists’ books, the work of artist-designers such as William Morris, El Lissitzky, Filippo Marinetti, could provide a shared ancestry for the artist and the architect book.

The Architect’s Book is at once:


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